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Apulian restaurant

Terranima is the historic and iconic bistro for wayfarers and travelers looking for the most authentic flavors of Puglia.
The restaurant is located in Bari at Via Putignani 213, in the very central and prestigious Murattian village, where the two entrances to Terranima appear, surmounted by characteristic Art Nouveau signs. This typical Apulian restaurant has kept its original vocation as a cultural bistro intact over time. As you walk through the entrance, the welcoming atmosphere immediately makes you feel at home. The main room is called Corte Terranima because it reproduces the setting of the typical square that welcomes the neighborhood in the Apulian villages.


Our dishes

Our food menu follows the seasonal rhythm. The journey begins with a variety of “scacciappetito” or appetizers: focaccia, panzerotti, sgagliozze, vegetable casseroles and parmigiana. It continues with delicious seafood alternated with charcuterie and farm cheeses.
Among the top dishes, the legendary Bari potato, rice and mussel tiella, orecchiette pasta with turnip greens and  orecchiette pasta with pork chop Sunday ragù sauce .
The entrees dance between the countryside and the sea, with Capocollo di Martina Franca bombette  and  fish from the Torre Guaccio marine reserve
The house desserts are irresistible. The “sporcamuss” disappear quickly,  rectangles of puff pastry filled with custard that leave a trace of icing sugar on your lips.
Pittogramma_Fondo bianco
Pittogramma_Fondo bianco
Pittogramma_Fondo bianco


The rooms

The Terranima restaurant consists of two connected internal rooms, seating approximately 70 guests
From the main entrance you can directly access the historic Batafobrle literary café, frequented and loved by famous individuals in the art, culture and music scene.
The adjoining room, called Corte Terranima, represents the heart of the restaurant, with an atmosphere evoking the typical Apulian “courts”, with its original stone floor and the high barrel and cross vaults.
On the walls, among the photos of the famous people who have frequented the place, you will notice a range of exclusively Apulian food and wine products, and traditional handcrafted goods, carefully selected from the most authentic country and artisanal farms.


Saint Nicholas's table

Saint Nicholas's

The most romantic and most desired table in the Terranima restaurant is located in the Batafobrle room, to the right of the entrance, next to the Saint Nicholas corner, which houses the statue of the beloved patron of Bari in Lecce papier-mâché.
Saint Nicholas of Bari, also known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, San Nicolao or San Nicolò, is venerated by both the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.
He is considered a myroblyte saint, whose body gives off a pleasant fragrance and releases an oil with miraculous properties.
According to tradition, his relics are kept in the basilica in Bari built in his honour.
Popular tradition recognizes Saint Nicholas as Santa Claus, as the protector of children.
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Terranima |  Saletta Batafobrle, caffè letterario
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Attached to the restaurant is the historic Batafobrle cultural café, an acronym for the initials of the historic Apulian provinces: Bari, Taranto, Foggia, Brindisi and Lecce.
In this delightful and tasteful place, loved by singers, musicians and poets, you can enjoy fabulous aperitifs form the Puglia region, and you can entertain yourself with a rich and surprising line-up of events:

•  Cooking shows
•  Apulian cooking lessons
•  Literary presentations
•  Live music
•  Cultural meetings
•  Conferences and business meetings


Book your event!

The exclusive romantic, intimate and private atmosphere of our old Batafobrle literary café makes it the perfect place for your guests to have a memorable gastronomic experience and enjoy private events, business lunches, business meetings, food and wine presentations and tastings, in the name of the Apulian tradition creatively revisited by our kitchen brigade.
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Georgia Colombo

I arrived at this restaurant in 2008 and took it over in 2021.
I’ve benefitted from extensive experience in farmhouses in Friuli and Veneto that have prompted me to love the land, something that is also reflected in my name, which in the imperial Latin means “the one who works the land”.

I began to intensely research which Puglia products make it across the dinner table, both food and wine as well as embroidery and ceramic goods, with a very deep love for Puglia.
The atmosphere of Terranima enchants anyone who walks through the front door with the ring of its bells. This cozy magic is felt above all by international guests who, with great curiosity, inspect Puglia through the ancient photographs hanging on the walls and the artisanal objects on display.
Every corner of the restaurant is full of typical products and the aromas of the Apulian countryside spreads throughout, overflowing from the straw baskets filled with daily fresh country cooking treats.
All the details seem to urge our guests to travel and set out in search of new itineraries to discover.
My brigade and I dedicate ourselves with care and passion to recreating over the stove the symbolic culinary flavours of Puglia, serving them with grace, because for those who sit at our table food is an act of loveaily.

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Food is a gesture of grace
for those who sit at our table.

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